Custom Logo Design
Basic Logo Design £39
Silver Logo Design £69
Gold Logo Design £99
Platinum Logo Design £149
Business Logo Design £199
Ultimate Logo Design £700
 Website Design
Silver Website Logo Design £20
Gold Website Logo Design £22
Platinum Website Logo Design £25
Business Class Logo Design £35
Ultimate Logo Design £40
Basic Website Design £1200
 Social Media Design
Basic Media Logo Design £30
Silver Media Logo Design £48
Pro Logo Media Design £49
Platinum Media Logo Design £50
Ultimate Media Logo Design £50
Gold Media Logo Design £52
 Stationary Design
Basic Design Package £69
Super Design Package £89
Ultimate Design Package £900
Why pick The Brand Design Cart?
We get it, you want only the best when it comes to design, and nothing lesser than that. This is where we enter the picture. Our passionate in-house designers are experienced, professional and bursting with creativity, and to add a cherry to this wonderful cake, are all trained from some of the best art schools.
We design almost everything you’d want— original logos, cool stationery , brochures, flyers, websites amongst other things. We’re proud of the premium quality of our design and our turn-around time. We hate delays, and are sticklers for deadlines. What’s more, we even give you a money-back guarantee. No questions asked— our customers’ satisfaction means more than anything else.
We’re REALLY creative.
If there was one word to describe us, we’d say it’s creative. However, when your clients see some of the work we design for you, one word is simply not going to be enough. So, get ready to hear a lot of “Unique” and “Awesome” and “Original” when they see your website, flyers or anything else!
Your brief. Our creations.
Your business requirements will always be our top priority. Nothing is more important than that, we know. Our design team will always work as per your exact brief and instructions to produce designs that work the best for you.
Complete satisfaction.
Yes, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. However, in case of a rare chance that you happen to dislike something about our work, we will revise and revise again until we’ve met each and every requirement that you have.
We’re economical.
We’re efficient and resourceful with a team of extremely talented and competitive designers. We manage the tightest of deadlines and ensure quick turnaround time. Plus, we’re very accessible and economical when it comes to our pricing.
Here's Some Proof
Pick a package that best suits your business requirements, and let us take over your design worries for you. Just fill out a simple brief form online and leave the rest to us! We will begin the design process right away, until you’re 100% satisfied. There are no hidden costs, and we have a completely transparent money back guarantee. We’ll also assign a copyright certificate to your name— how does that sound?
Designs that create an impact
The Brand Design Cart is known for professional logos, website designs, stationery and brochures.
A team of qualified
Get creative designs from innovative designers as per your requirements and our professional inputs.
Unlimited revisions,
24*7 support
Every piece of work is made to suit you, custom-made and perfected until you’re completely satisfied. Our team is available at all times for after-sales service, too.
All file formats and certificates included
Get your product delivered in the exact way and format you want. We also assign complete ownership of the creative product to you in writing with a certificate.
What would you like to get designed for your business today?
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